Our Team of Professional Translators in Austin and Abroad

Margaret Hanson

Business owner Margaret Hanson

Owner and General Manager Margaret Hanson is a native of Brownsville, Texas, who graduated from the University of the South. She began offering high-quality translation in Austin after a career in bilingual education. 

María Fernanda Calderón

María Fernanda Calderón is a Texas Master Licensed Court Interpreter with an MA in Translation Studies from UT-Brownsville.

Carlos Candanosa

Translation Manager Carlos Candanosa

Translation Manager Carlos Candanosa, a graduate of Monterrey's UNAM, is a specialist in journalism and educational translation. 

Lara Cantos de Sánchez

Translator Lara Cantos

  Lara is from Spain and Germany, graduated from the University of London, and works on our German, French, Italian and Spanish orders.

Alejandra Castro

Transcriber Alejandra Castro

Alejandra is a bilingual transcription specialist from El Salvador who processes most of our forensic recordings.

Chantel Clopine

Translator Chantel Clopine

Chantel graduated from the University of Texas and handles much of our Spanish>English law enforcement orders.

Marco Hanson

With 18 years of experience and a Master's in Spanish, Marco primarily focuses on legal translation and court interpreting.  

Joel McAlister

Joel is a Spanish>English translator with special skills in the religious and non-profit sectors.

Iván Medina

 With law degrees from Mexico and the U.S., Iván is our specialist for legal translation into Spanish. 

Michael Meigs

Michael is a former diplomat with four master's degrees who translates Swedish, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Guillermo Mejía-Moreno

Guillermo brings a wealth of commercial and legal experience to his complex translation projects.